Popular games
Demon Slayer
New browser game with gorgeous animated graphics and thrilling combat mechanics. At the heart of the story behind the game are the heroes who save the universe from meticulous dark forces.
Bloody Pirate
Immerse yourself in a world of adventure! Gather a strong team to fight the World Government and conquer the Grand Line in order to obtain the desired One Piece!
Browser games where created for those who want to spend their free time in an interesting manner. In order to enjoy a game, all you need to do is surf the internet and choose a game, for example any game from a range of INFIPLAY games.
Why are browser games popular? Modern online games where specifically created in order to fully immerse into the gaming reality by using a simple web browser. Their main attraction is that gameplay is exclusively «online» in a browser, which means you do not have to install anything on a the computer. All you need is a browser and a flash player, from which flash-games derive it's name.
Modern strategy, shooter and RPG games can immerse you into the process completely. They are intended for a single players or thousands and even millions of players. It completely depends on the type of game you chose. The most frequent type of games in the industry are flash games, because they do not require you to pay a fee in order to register or play the game, although they can motivate players to donate the money in the future. In most cases the donations are translated into the game currency, which usually helps gamers get an edge over their opponents and feel the taste of victory a lot quicker.